Quincy Humane Society Endowment - The Quincy Humane Society Endowment

The Quincy Humane Society Endowment

Benefiting the Quincy Humane Society

Creating A Legacy of Love

The Endowment Fund (“the fund”) is a permanently restricted fund providing critical support for pet programs, equipment, and facility needs for The Quincy Humane Society (“the shelter”) in perpetuity.  Donations to the fund effectively last forever in that those distributions to the shelter are made from investment/interest earnings on the donations.  Your gift is a legacy of love in perpetuity.


The fund was initiated as a donor-directed bequest in 2001 by Margaret Wade Meyer in honor of her beloved dog.  Her intent was to establish a permanent fund to support Quincy Humane Society shelter pets into the future and to ensure that the shelter remains state-of-the-art in terms of quality of pet care and community programs addressing animal welfare.     


The purpose is to build a base of funds capable of generating sufficient revenue to support shelter needs in perpetuity. Specific needs, presented by shelter management may include adoption and medical programs; equipment; facility improvements, or other specialty items not included in the shelter budget.  These requests must be important to, or improve the welfare of, the pets in the shelter and community.

Fund Management

Oversight of the fund is the responsibility of the Endowment Board of Directors.  The committee is comprised of both Quincy Humane Society Board members and Board member stakeholders.  


Grants are made to the shelter upon recommendation of the Endowment Board.  Funding for the grants is generated by investment revenue.  It is intended that the principal remains intact in order to continue to produce revenue for future requests.